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What are the important facts about HIV and AIDS disease?

What are the important facts about HIV and AIDS disease?

The ineffective vaccine for HIV

American researchers have stopped the scientific trials of HIV vaccine because of its ineffectiveness. The vaccine contained DNA fragments which had genetic material of the protein molecule of HIV. As it becomes assumed that these safe fragments would produce antibodies, which on the motion could break the virus.

For experiment 2504 HIV-terrible candidates were selected from 19 predominant cities of United States. Half of the peoples have been given vaccine towards HIV and the other 1/2 PLACEBO. As medical doctors had presumed that a few candidates might be inflamed in close to destiny, they might best look ahead to the consequences. After twenty-eight weeks of the HIV Test, HIV infection turned into determined in 27 vaccinated applicants, and 21 folks from the management organization. Unfortunately, throughout clinical trials of the inhibitory effect of vaccine may be shown, so the development of this vaccine became stopped.

What is “Serological Window” or “HIV window length”

Exercise number1.

You are transfused with the HIV-poor wholesome donor. What are the probabilities to get HIV contamination from him?


Chances are greater than in the course of sexual sex with HIV inflamed individual (with use of a condom), that’s 1 in 4000 cases.

The HIV take a look at does now not detect the quantity of virus, and the quantity of antigens that the frame produces to combat the virus. This takes a while, as a result, if the donor is HIV infected, the take a look at will no longer stumble on immediately, most effective after the organism will produce this antigen.

Knowing this the blood transfusion centers preserve the blood or its additives for a length of six months. After that again HIV test is executed at the donor, if end result suggests poor then blood may be taken into consideration for use. But! According to WHO, the serological conversion technique in 95 % infected folks is 3months, and 99.Nine% is 6months.

The relaxation 0.1% (1 in 1000 donor) the antibody manufacturing is 1-1.Five years. And may also god assist you from such donor.

Exercise number 2.

May a patient whose death because of AIDS (The very last degree of ailment) have a terrible take a look at the end result of HIV?

The immunity put on charge amongst Males and Females

The lady organism is more tailored closer to life compared to guys. Often it can be achieved without men (as PARTHOGENETIC replica in plants). Therefore ladies are extra difficult and the immune gadget of the weaker sex is extra strong. Due to this women have a longer lifespan.

Japanese scientists have set up that, with age stage of lymphocytes falls unexpectedly in adult males than in ladies. The sexual hormone in particular estrogen influences the number of lymphocytes and the immune gadget. Therefore, it can be assumed that the immune gadget in men degrades quicker, but the biological age of someone is classified in line with the immune machine.

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